About Us

Company Overview

MRN Diagnostics provides a comprehensive toolbox of services and products to the in vitro diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for the research, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests.  We provide expertise and critical materials to support the discovery, development and launch of immunoassay, molecular genetic, anatomic pathology, chemistry and hematology-based laboratory tests.

  • Worldwide access to remnant and archived specimens from academic and clinical centers
  • Established networks for clinical studies and prospective specimen collections in oncology, infectious diseases, cardiac disease, hepatology and pulmonary medicine
  • Consulting services in clinical and regulatory affairs to minimize time-to-market, and manage costs for novel diagnostic tests
  • Comprehensive laboratory services to verify, validate and commercialize new diagnostic technology
  • Established Quality Assurance system
  • Bulk reagents to support development and manufacturing of laboratory tests
  • Largest inventory of infectious disease patient panels in the world including over 150 HIV Seroconversion Panels


Throughout the 1980s, access to well-pedigreed biospecimens was mostly limited to institutional collections and private archives.  For researchers working in industry, prospective specimen collections were expensive and time consuming, but the only way to move biomedical research forward was to procure the needed specimens.  To meet this need, Mr. McKie founded Bioclinical Partners in 1994 to provide a source of high quality biospecimens with accurate annotation, and a clear chain of custody.  Bioclinical Partners was acquired by IMPATH in 1999. 

Mr. Morin joined Bioclinical Partners in 2001, and  later formed Bay State Biologicals to continue making high quality biospecimens available to industry researchers. In 2013 Mr. McKie and Mr. Morin formed Medical Research Networx to provide a broad array of services and products to enable research and development of laboratory testing in the life science industry.  

In 2018 Dr. Gregory Chiklis joined the company as CEO/CSO and built a state of the art biorepository and a diagnostic research and manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA where the company now resides.  This location will offer multiple products and services for Research, Development, Validation, Manufacturing and commercialization of diagnostic assays.