Gregory R. Chiklis, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chiklis has developed and commercialized  thousands of Diagnostic Research Products and Services over the last 30 years.  These products are designed to cover all aspects of diagnostic development, validation, manufacturing, commercialization and quality control.  Many of these products have been used to support regulatory submissions and to validate millions of test results globally.  

Dr. Chiklis graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst  in 1986, B.S. BioChemistry and in 1992 from University of Massachusetts Lowell  with a Doctorate in Chemistry.

His first job was at a start up Hemagen Diagnostics where he began his career developing assays.  There he commercialized tests and quality control materials for the Research and IVD Marketplace.  Next he moved to BioClinical Partners which eventually became ZeptoMetrix Corporation. There as Vice President of Research and Development and eventually CEO he developed and commercialized multiple products and services.  

Dr. Chiklis will use  MRN's extensive and recently collected biospecimen archive and prospective collection capabilities to develop the most current and relevant research products on the market.  

Robert O. McKie

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. McKie began his career as a Sales Representative for North American Biologicals in 1986. Continuing his healthcare focus, in 1990 he became a Senior Sales Representative with Dianon Systems, Inc. He then moved on to Boston BioMedica, Inc. where from 1992 to 1994, he grew his responsibilities to become Director of Sales. In 1994, Mr. McKie co-founded BioClinical Partners, Inc. and served as Chief Operating Officer until 1999, when the business was acquired by IMPATH Inc.  He was Vice President of Operations for the IMPATH Predictive Oncology™ division and was actively involved in the development and daily management of the Company's GeneBank™ initiative and the IMPATH Clinical Trials Network™ (ICTN).  

Following his work with IMPATH, Mr. McKie provided consulting services on behalf of hospitals and life science companies.  He successfully developed clinical services worldwide, providing protocol-directed and IEC-approved clinical studies that continue to deliver thousands of biospecimens in oncology and infectious diseases annually.  

At Medical Research Networx, Mr. McKie provides strategic direction for the company with a vision to become the largest and most respected supplier of biospecimens and ancillary products and services to the diagnostics industry.  Mr. McKie holds a BS degree in Business from Nova University.